AIK vs Örebro Today’s Soccer Prediction

With all the new acquisitions that AIK has picked up, clean and cut class for the most part, they have seriously become one, on the paper, tough challenger for the champions Malmö FF in the Swedish top football. Among these are Nabil Bahoui, Enoch Adu, Tarik Elyounossi and Joel Ekstrand. Class names – and there are more ones to raise.
But many of these players are those who have been out in Europe and had a hard time lately – with the shape and lack of playing time. Go hand in hand, maybe. Applicable to the Sunniites is to quickly speed them up, because then it can really work out well.
To complain, of course, it feels wrong when there are three wins of three possible in the Swedish Cup, but all of these have been scarce over Syrianska, Oddevold and Halmstad. In other words, the first Swedish opponent is waiting for it. The game has hacked a little bit, but priority one is obviously that the results scored.

Soccer Prediction of the Day AIK vs Örebro

Örebro went on from the cup’s group game’s biggest goatboat. There were five sticks, via a win and two crosses, just like Helsingborg and IFK Norrköping while Tvååker combed zero. In other words, there became outrageous win over the latter and draw in the remaining matches.
In the last game, decisive away against IFK Norrköping, the associations also awarded to 2-2, also the final result, in the 90th minute. Move, but also try out a fight and some quality.
“Game material of title material”
Guests generally look like last year. Relatively few names that have disappeared and also been retrieved. The reason remains and there are some nice names in the squad. Kennedy Igboananike is one that can explode if he finds right. Neither Nordin Gerzic nor Nahir Besara is directly bumpy either.
The feeling given by ÖSK and the men mentioned above is that it is classical mood players. Thus, like previous seasons – a silly Örebro, which can be amazingly good as well as they can be totally out of date.
Here in the cup I think Örebro had a move. They acknowledged in the closing times against both Helsingborg and Norrköping. It even lasted before the nail in the coffin came to Tvååker, housed in the south side. On the absence list is one of the main plays in ÖSK, Johan Mårtensson. A midfield motor that had been needed very much in a match like this, when there is a lot of focus on the defense game.
AIK sees, on the paper, amazingly nice. The game material is absolute of title material and over time they will only get better and better. Already now – a level harder than the group game? At home at the National arena they should win anyway.

Prediction Today: AIK -1.0 goal

Odds: 1.71

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