AS Roma vs Liverpool Soccer Prediction Today

Lost rack yesterday after Ribery failed to score but felt that we at least had a value to four times the dough after a good match at Allianz Arena. Real went on after a 2-2 win and secured the first Champions League ticket. Tonight it will be handed out another final ticket and this time between Roma and Liverpool. Again I have a goal shooter – and this time at Edin Dzeko.
You may remember my first rack at Anfield when I claimed that Dzeko would spend the whole 3.55 times the money – which was finally put. Tonight, Dzeko once again gets my confidence when Rome MUST go forward – like the meeting against Barcelona.
“Dzeko has been really hot in the Champions League and has stood for six CL-bales so far. In the double-match against Barcelona in the quarter we saw him nets twice and make a penalty to Rome. A very important goal at Camp Nou and Dzeko stood also for the first match of the match after a couple of minutes at home in Rome, and gave his teammates further hope of advancement – and then a penalty I mentioned above that Daniele De Rossi could manage well – and later on, or rather, at the end a fantastic nick goal by Kostas Manolas, which meant advancement. A crazy turn of Rome that went into second and last meeting with 4-1 undercutting. ”

Soccer Prediction of the Day AS Roma vs Liverpool

Dzeko managed to make a goal at the end of the match, which also added some extra energy to the Roma players and immediately afterwards a penalty. From 5-0 to 5-2 and succeed in turning a similar position to Barcelona – yes, you can definitely do it to Liverpool. Not because I think so in advance, but at least I think that Rome will give Liverpool a match and believe in a turn.
Full speed ahead? Yes, that’s basically what’s needed for a turn-just like Barcelona where Dzeko emerges already after a few minutes with a balja – and a similar start you should have to have any chance of advancement. I think, at least, Rome will be pretty good with his offensive and hopefully Dzeko is there with a toe or forehead. The value is at least 2.30 times the money.

Prediction Today: Roma over 1.5 goals

Odds: 1.80

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