A great European classic, being the second most important competition of the European continent. Chelsea has even more talent, but sometimes it gets complicated on their own legs. The Arsenal are quite brave, going to their limit to get the results. I imagine a game well disputed, but decided in the small details. I see chances of a few goals coming to this match.


Chelsea reach this final of the Europa League being quieter. Despite some ups and downs throughout the season, Chelsea have managed to secure themselves in the next Champions League through their tough national championship. The team feels aligned to achieve the bicampeonato of this competition.Despite being far from convincing, Chelsea had made a final stretch of the season in a very competitive way. It was difficult for the team to actually impose itself, but it also made the opponents not have the peace of mind to win victories over themselves, being far from invincible. However, only two wins have been won in the last six games, for example. If his offensive side yields more, being tactically organized, Chelsea believes he will have what it takes for the bicampeonato.


Look, forgetting the traditions of Arsenal, you can say that this season the team was above expected, despite having finished in a “humble” fifth place in the Premier League. Well, the fact is that after decades, the team came to live without the command of coach Arsene Wenger and taking out Manchester United when he saw Alex Ferguson retire, it was expected many difficulties for himself.In addition to being only one point behind the Champions League through the Premier League, Arsenal still had an irreplaceable campaign in this Europa League, reaching its second European final of this century, with confidence to seek its first major title on the continent. Perhaps, tactically, Arsenal is not brilliant today, but it plays with a lot of will, explores its limit and has an offensive presence to bother.Coach Unai Emery will be without Rob Holding and Aaron Ramsey, injured, and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, for lamentable political problems. Danny Welbeck is still doubtful for the match.

Football Prediction of the Day Chelsea vs Arsenal


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Bet Tips: Chelsea wins

Odds: 2.20


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