Copa America / Colombia – Chile – The third quarter-finals of the Copa America is also the most attractive when knowing the individual quality of these selections. Colombia played excellently in the group stage and were the only team with all three victories, while the Chilean defender after the opening two triumphs and secured quarter-finals, lost the third round. The last two doubles of these qualifications for last year’s Mundial are over.


Colombia is the only team that ended the Copa America group stage with maximum performance. They made all three victories, all without a goal, but they are not unique, because neither Brazil capitulated in the group. Colombia won the last two friendly games ahead of their arrival in Brazil, again without a goal, which means they are in a row of five wins with a goal difference of 10: 0. It is definitely an effect for any compliment, and the Colombians have a lot of reasons for optimism ahead of this quarter-finals match.They have played the best game so far in the first round, when they beat Argentina 2-0. This paved the way to the quarter-finals, and they confirmed him with a victory over Cat that they came harder than expected. It was 1: 0 and scored in the finish line, so they could play quite calmly in the last round against Paraguay. He had the coach Queiroz the opportunity to break the best players and he did it, which did not prevent them from winning again with 1: 0. Now the most powerful forces are on the field, with Muriel being injured.

The likely initial composition of Colombia: Ospina – Medina, Y.Mina, D.Sanchez, Tesillo – Cuadrado, Barrios, Uribe – J.Rodriguez, Zapata, Martinez


And Chile secured the quarter-finals finals before the last round, because they celebrated in the first two matches. Like their rival Colombia, they gave the best game in the first round, but the rival was not so strong. They played against weakened Japan and declined with 4: 0. It was already an indication that there will be no problems for placement in the quarterfinals, and the confirmation has arrived in the second round. They won Ecuador with 2: 1 and again, as in the first round of the decision, A.Sanchez, who at the beginning of the second half scored his final result.He was not in that match by E.Vargas, who scored two goals for the Japanese, but he was in the team and played exactly the same composition. In the third round they had a tougher task because they played against Uruguay, but did not have any imperative. They lost 1: 0, and it was expected that the selector Rueda would reach for a large number of changes, but it was not so. He even played A.Sanchez, although he had problems with injury. Four, Isla, Beausejour, Vidal, and Fuenzalida were breathless. Now it is logically expected that everyone will return to the squad and play the team that made the first two victories.

The likely initial composition of Chile: Arias – Isla, Medel, Maripan, Beausejour – Pulgar, Aranguiz, Vidal – Fuenzalida, E.Vargas, A.Sanchez

Football Prediction of the Day Colombia vs Chile

It’s hard to say who’s the favorite in this match. Equally, the qualities of these two rivals are, although Colombia nevertheless showed something more in the group phase. Chile lost one match, but when they were already sure, that’s why it does not have to be a form factor. We will forecast that the match could be opened with at least two goals.

Bet Tips: over 2 goals
Odds: 1.81

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