Italy’s Super Cup winner, Juventus gets the first round of the championship, visiting Chievo, the last one, which has put serious problems in his tour, when he managed to push himself into the game’s extra time.


He is the winter champion in Serie A, managing to end the championship tour with 53 points.
He is unbeaten in the championship, where he scored 17 victories and 2 draws.
He comes after the Super Cup victory, AC Milan, score 1: 0, determined by a goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo.
Bentancur, Cuadrado, Barzagli, Mandzukic and Benatsu are all injured, while Pjanic is suspended.


It is the red flashlight of the championship, with just 8 points, with 2 less than the penultimate place, Frosinone.
He scored a single win in 19 matches, even in the last round, with Frosinone, score 1: 0.
Giaccherini scored the defeat of Frosinone, making it a perfect shot from the edge of the box.
Seculin, Cacciatore, Obi and Barba are all injured, while Pucciarelli is not part of the batch.

Football Prediction of the Day Juventus vs Chievo

I think Juventus will want to impose without much trouble in this game, especially without receiving a goal, the team winning goals in the last 2 rounds of championship, 2 in Atalanta and 1 in Sampdoria.
Another argument for such a scenario that would become the team’s priority in this game would be the tournament run, when Chievo managed to turn the score 2: 1, Juventus struggling until the end of the game to impose in that game .
Also, Juventus is missing too many pieces so the team can make a show in this game, which is why I think this bet is best suited for this game.

Bet Tips: Juventus wins at 0

Odds: 1.50

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