With the possibility of securing the qualification in advance, the Iranian team faces Vietnam in the match that opens the schedule of games this Saturday, January 12, still for the second round of the qualifying phase of the 2019 Asian Cup. The tournament has such as the United Arab Emirates. The meeting will be held from 9am (Brasília time) at the Al Nahyan stadium in Abu Dhabi.The teams are in Group D, which has Iranians and Iraqis with three points earned. Not yet scoring are Vietnamese and Yemeni. The top two finishers, at the end of three rounds, advance to the round of 16. Whoever takes the third position also has hope of survival. For this, however, it will have to present one of the four best campaigns among the six third placed at that initial stage.


The Vietnam team saw their undefeated 18-match series that had been cultivated since December 2016 being closed shortly in their debut match. But not without much struggle. The team was beaten by Iraq, 3-2, in a clash that was set with the third Iraq goal being scored in the 45th minute of the second half. The Vietnamese were ahead of the mark on two occasions.Despite the late definition, the result reflected the better performance of the Iraqis, who had more possession of the ball (57% to 43%), tried to finish more often (15 to 7) and sent the ball in the right direction in greater number of opportunities (7 to 4).The goals scored by the Vietnamese, however, can be important if the team can get third in the key as a tiebreaker. There is a good chance that with three points a team can qualify. In that case, the meeting with Yemen on the final round of the first round is considered key.The Vietnam squad fell in the second round of the Russia World Cup berth, where they also had Iraq as Group F rivals. The key had Thailand in the lead with 14 points. The Iraqis, with 12, were in second place. Vietnam completed seven points (two wins, one draw and three defeats) with seven goals scored and eight conceded to beat only the Taiwan team, who fell without having scored a point.That forced the Vietnamese to go through the Asian Cup qualifiers, where they also did not make a brilliant campaign but just enough to secure the place. They came in second on key C with ten points (two wins and four draws) with nine goals scored and three conceded. They beat Afghanistan (six points) and Cambodia (three) and were beaten by Jordan (12).Since completing their qualifying campaign, they have played 28 matches including the Asian Cup knockout phase with 15 wins, 12 draws and only one defeat.The undefeated series started in December 2016 had nine wins and nine draws. The preparation for the Asian Cup had ten friendlies. They were victories against Laos (3 to 0), Malaysia (2 to 0), Cambodia (3 to 0), Philippines (2 to 1, twice), Malaysia (1 to 0) and Philippines (4 to 2). The ties were against Myanmar (0 to 0), Malaysia (2 to 2) and North Korea (1 to 1).


The Iranians arrived in the United Arab Emirates with the label of favorites and did not disappoint. They thrashed the Yemen team 5-0 at the opening. In practice, the game lasted 25 minutes, when Iran’s side scored 3-0. In the final stage, only gave final numbers for thrashing.With 70% of ball dominance time, the team tried 20 finalizations, sent half of them in the right direction. To the opponent, he did not even give a shot in the direction of his goal. Yemen’s three attempts at finishing do not threaten his archer.Iran entered the final phase of the Asian Cup. He was relieved to go through the qualifying stage for having reached the third qualifying round stage for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.Finished this dispute with the best campaign of the continent. He added 22 points (six wins and four draws) being Group A champion. On Russian soil, he did not disappoint. It ended, as expected, eliminated in the first phase. After all, his key contained the favorites Spain and Portugal. But he got four points (one win, one draw and one loss) and showed the efficiency of his defensive system.

Football Prediction of the Day Vietnam vs Iran

The Portuguese coach Carlos Queiróz, who was responsible for the great evolution presented by the Iranian team in recent years, had said that the World Cup would be his farewell. However, he changed his mind and is in charge of the team, who made six friendly appearances for the Asian Cup and remained unbeaten.He defeated Uzbekistan (1 to 0), Bolivia (2 to 1), Trinidad and Tobago (1 to 0) and Qatar (2 to 1); and drew with Venezuela (1 to 1) and Palestine (1 to 1). In total, including equality, by 1 to 1, with Portugal, in the final round of the first.

Bet Tips: Iran

Odds: 1.20


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